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What is the cost of Registration?

2018 Regular registration cost is $350.00 for tackle football and $100 for Flag. Payment arrangements can be made before Mid-July, when full registration must be paid by.

How long is the season?

Games start last week in September with playoffs in November and the Super Bowl is typically the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.

When does practice begin?

Conditioning starts mid-May.  Around the end of July, practices may increase to 4 or 5 times per week, maximum 2 hours a day until school starts, then 3 days a week and games on Saturdays. Practices will be in the evening.

Do the kids have to tryout?

A limit of 33 kids on a tackle team before Certification Day. As long as we are below that number, we do not cut unless for safety reasons.

How are the kids put on teams?

It is determined by age.

2017 Team Matrix (As of July 14th, we plan to field only Gremlin and Tiny Mite Teams for 2017:

DIVISION                 Age on July 31                         Max Weight Lbs.

Flag                             5-6, 7-8 (first time players)  No Weight Limits

Gremlin                      11 and Under*                          125lbs; X player – 145lbs

Tiny Mites                 13 and Under**                        160lbs; X player – Unlimited weight

*IMPORTANT: Gremlin Team is limited to Four (4) total players who are 11 years old as of July 31st.  If more than Four players register who are 11 years old, a “try-out” may occur, and players will be given the option to move up to Tiny Mites division.

**IMPORTANT: Tiny Mites Team is limited to 4 total players who are 13 years old as of July 31st.

How many are on a team?

Minimum of 13. Maximum of 33.

Does everyone get to play?

Yes, at every level.

Is equipment included?

Yes. Although each player is responsible for their own cleats, practice pants and  padded girdle.  You can find these items at your local sporting goods store.  Ask us for suggestions if you are unsure what to purchase.

Are football camps available?

Yes, the BH Gators may have a camp in late June, early July and we will share information on other camps being offered in the area. Keep checking the website in the “camps” section.

Where are the home games played?

At Beverly Hills High School, on the beautifully maintained, artificial turf stadium fields.

Is there travel involved?

Yes, depending on your teams schedule. It is usually a split between home and away games.

What is the refund policy?


Are there any volunteer requirements?

Yes, volunteering is mandatory, and the Gators depend on your help.  There are many ways to help out with your team and/or the BH Gators organization.  We rely on our volunteers to make this youth organization a success. If you feel you do not have the time to volunteer please notify your team manager or head coach.

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