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Summer Conditioning (May-June):

Summer Conditioning typically begins by mid-May. Conditioning Drills will be held three days each week for two hours per day, for a maximum of 6 hours per week. Practices times are in the evening from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Times may change upon Head Coaches request.


Pre-season practices typically begin by mid-June.  Practices will be held up to five days each week for two hours per day (maximum of 10 hours per week).  Practice times are 6:00-8:00pm.  Times may change upon Head Coach’s request.  Practice days will reduce to 3 days per week (TBD).  Saturday practices or scrimmages are at the discretion of your coach.

The following schedule is an example of what to expect:

Week 1

New players will wear shorts, T-shirts and football cleats.  Returning players may wear their spirit pack and football cleats or T-shirt and shorts. Practice will consist of non-contact conditioning drills and skill evaluations. Each player must provide his own athletic supporter, shoes and socks. BHGYF will provide shorts and a T-shirt as part of a “spirit pack,” shortly before “certification day”.   The cost of the “spirit pack” is included in the participation fees. Players may not wear football gear or engage in contact drills until they have completed at least 10 hours of supervised conditioning.

Week 2

Qualifying players will wear football gear and have limited contact with tackling dummies and shields. BHGYF will issue football gear on an announced schedule preceding the second week of practice. There will be no “man on man” contact during the second week of practice.

Week 3

Players will wear football gear and engage in full contact drills. The first scrimmage is usually scheduled at the end of the third week.

Scrimmages Commencing on the Saturday at the end of the third week of practice, teams may scrimmage against other teams in the same age and weight division. A team may have a maximum of five scrimmages in the pre-season. Most Head Coaches schedule scrimmages and they may be at other locations. Head Coaches will announce the date, time, and location of scrimmages as they are arranged.

During The Season:

After the first regular season game, practices will be limited to three nights per week for two hours each night. Unless otherwise advised by the Head Coach, players must wear football gear to practice. Scheduling of practices is at the discretion of the head coaches. Practices will not continue past 8:30 p.m. and generally end by 8:00 p.m.


Practices will take place at Cheviot Hills Park on June, Then practice will move to  Beverly Hills High School TBA.

Practice Participation is Critical and we cannot overemphasize the importance of participating in practices. We stress individual player development and commitment to the team. Precious practice time is spent conditioning, learning and practicing individual skills, and learning and practicing team plays. All of these activities are critical to a player’s individual growth and the team as a whole.

Head Coaches may establish policies regarding participation in practice.

Football Games:

Beverly Hills Gators play football against teams sponsored by our sister organizations. The various teams are organized into leagues based on a lottery.Teams generally play an eight game schedule followed by single elimination playoffs leading to the Super Bowl.” The Flag division plays nine regular season games followed by a single post-season game.

All regular games will be played on Saturdays. Home games will be played at Beverly Hills High School. Home games usually start at 8 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., with the younger teams generally having the earlier start times and the older teams having the later start times.

Away games are generally at the same times except a few chapters have lighted stadiums and may host night games.

Players must arrive in time for weigh-in, which is scheduled one and one-half hours (1 1/2) before the start of the game.

It is important to know that some travel is involved and distances can be as much as 30 miles round trip. .

Before you register your child, make sure that you completely understand the travel requirements and the importance of your child’s total participation in every event, home and away. The dates, times and locations of games are determined by  via a random drawing. Final game schedules will be available before the first regular season game. Final game schedules will also be available on individual team web sites.

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