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What You Need To Know


Players are grouped based on age, weight and ability.

For the 2017 season, the Gators plan to field 2 Teams:

Gremlins (Ages 11 and under) with a Maximum weight of 145lbs (Team roster is limited to 4 x 11 year old players)

Tiny Mites (Ages 13 and under) with an Unlimited Weight. (Team roster is limited to 4 x 13 year old players)

Question Example 1: My son is 9 yrs. old. Based on this age category, your child will be placed on the “Gremlin Team.”

Question Example 2: My son is 11 years old and is “big” for his age.  Depending on his abilities and weight, he might play with the “Tiny Mite Team” (13 years and under) or with the “Gremlin Team” (11 years and under).

Do we have to purchase any equipment?

Yes. Required Purchases include:

Tackle Football Players

1. Cleats (Non-detachable rubber molded cleats)

2. Jock Strap or Compression pants & Protective Cup

3. 5 piece girdle (Non Integrated girdle or Integrated girdle)

4. Padded Practice Pants (White only)

What equipment does BHG provide?

1. Football Helmet

2. Shoulder Pads

3. BHG Game Pants

4. BHG Game Jersey

5. Practice jersey

Do we have to return the BHG equipment provided?

Yes, players’ parents/guardians will be financially responsible for the replacement costs of any equipment and uniforms that are lost, severely damaged (unusable) or not returned by the provided “return due date” as follows:

1. Football Helmet

2. Shoulder Pads

3. Game Pants

4. Game Jersey

5. Practice jersey


Please do not abuse the equipment. At the end of the season, all of the BHG provided equipment must be returned at the end of the final game. Head Coaches for each Team will be responsible for collecting equipment at that time.


Is volunteering mandatory?

Yes, volunteers are very important to our program’s success and BHG would not exist without our volunteers. As a non-profit organization, BHG does not compensate any of our volunteers, including coaches, board members and team parents/guardians. We are fortunate to have many people devote a substantial amount of their time, resources and energy to support our youth sports program. Coaches are committed to ten (10) hours of practice per week during pre-season and attend several VYC and BHG meetings and training sessions. During the season, they participate in six (6) hours of practice per week and attend games every Saturday. Most coaches spend additional time each week preparing for games by participating in coaches’ meetings, reviewing game films and scouting upcoming opponents.


What volunteer positions are available?

Team Manager

This is a very important position on each team. The Team Manager (Team Parent/Guardian) has many responsibilities.

1. Maintain, handle & manage the team roster

2. Organizes and motivates other team volunteers

3. Has the answers or obtains the answer to every question, making sure parents/guardians know what they need to know.

4. Arranges all team activities.

5. Acts as the link between parents and the team’s coach.

Game Day Compliance Agents (GDCA: Must Play Monitor)

Each team should have a minimum of four (4) G.D.C.A

1. G.D.C.A make sure each child plays the required time in a quarter or action plays.

2. G.D.C.A conducts the official game day weigh-in and inspects all football players’ equipment before each game.

Chain Gang

(each team should have a minimum of 4)

The Chain Gang works the chains during home and away games, which also provides the best view in the house.


Team Equipment Manager

1. Team Equipment Manager helps with the issuance and collection of all football equipment (i.e., helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants, etc.).

2. T.E.M also is the custodian of the team toolbox that has tools and spare parts. T.E.M is responsible for replacing broken chinstraps or replacing a missing mouthpiece.

3. Team Equipment Manager must attend every game!


Risk Management

The Risk Manager will have a first aid kit and must be CPR certified (current certification required).

Field Manager

(each team should have a minimum of 4)

A team of volunteers is needed early Saturday mornings and Saturday evenings for field preparation and break down. Volunteers will distribute yard markers on the field, place pads on the goal posts, and rope off secured areas. After the last game ends, volunteers will collect and store all yard markers and post pads.


Team Photographer

(each team should have a minimum of 2)

The Team Photographer takes pictures at all home and away games to post on the BHG website and to add to any news highlights or articles of the week.


Time Clock

Volunteers operate the scoreboard at each home game. This involves starting and stopping the game clock and recording the score.

Player Physical Examinations

Physicals are required for all football players. BHG arranges for physicals to be performed a week before our first practice. Please refer to the Calendar for the date, time and location. If you cannot attend this event, or if you wish to have the examination performed by a personal/private physician, the examination will be at your expense. If a private physical is performed, the physician must complete and sign the player contract. Please contact the BHG Player Agent for additional information.

What is Certification Day? What happens if we miss the first Certification Day?

Certification day is a “qualification process” to determine if a prospective player meets the requirements to participate and are verified accordingly. Every chapter involved in participates in Certification Day. Any player who does not certify on Certification Day may not wear football gear or participate in practices, scrimmages or games until a make-up certification process has occurred. FOOTBALL PLAYERS MUST BE PRESENT TO WEIGH IN. There are a limited number of make-up certifications that will be offered after the primary Certification Day. Please refer to the BHG Calendar for dates, times and locations.

We have a vacation planned for August. Is that a problem?

As a family organization, we realize that family vacations and functions may sometimes conflict with the practice schedule. However, attendance at practice, especially in August, is very important. Please contact your child’s Head Coach, at least three weeks in advance, to help with scheduling and team practices.

Does BHG make cuts from the teams?

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for every Beverly Hills youth who wants to play football. Unfortunately, our ability to accommodate players is not unlimited and we may not be able to accept every prospective player. Rules limit the number of players per team; additionally the availability of coaching staffs, field space and football equipment all impact how many players we can serve. Nevertheless, we endeavor to serve as many players as we can. 

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